>> Frank Nordberg wrote:
>> Very interesting Frank. I remember you referring to the Peter Bang MS, 
>> which turned out to be for a viol rather than a cittern. (By the way, did 
>> that MS have a date?)
> The Bang manuscript has been dated to 1679 but I don't think anybody 
> seriously believes that. Late 1680s to 1690s is more likely.
>> I thought that the Bang MS  was the only potential source of 18th century 
>> cittern music in Norway.
> I know of three 18th C. Norwegian books with cittern music:
> + The Storm ms., with basic playing and tuning instructions and a handful of 
> simple instrumental pieces. Written by Edvard Storm in Copenhagen between 
> 1779 and 1785 and more continental than Norwegian in style.
> Wikipedia has an article about Storm: 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edvard_Storm
> + The Dedekam ms., some songs with simple cittern accompaniment. Written by 
> Mette Kirstine Dedekam and dated to 1799.
> + A cittern tutorial published by Lorents Nicolai Berg (1743-1784) in 
> Kristiansand in 1782. As far as I know, no copies have survived. I'm not sure 
> if Are is still on the list. If he is, maybe he's got some more info.

I am still here! But I don't know more manuscripts than you do...

But I can add that the priest Jacog Nicolai Wilse describes the use of 
"Cintrinque" for folk music in the village of Spydeberg southeast of Oslo 
in 1779.

>> So this Edvard Storm MS is not using a major key, chordal tuning as in many 
>> parts of Europe. It's a cithrinchen (Bell cittern tuning) down a tone?
> Is it? I thought the citrinchen was tuned in an open chord.

The Grove Music article on cithrinchen mentions a swedish manuscript from 
1722 (Lund, Universitet, Universitetsbiblioteket, Handskriftsavdelningen 
Wenster G30) whith french tabulature for an instrument called 
"cittringen". One of the tunings for this instrument is given as 
c-f-a-c'-e'-a', which should be exactley the same tuning intervals as 
given in the Storm manuscript!


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