On 2008-12-17 20:27, Thomasz Blaszczyk wrote:
> I just got first results here,
> http://omploader.org/vMTExNA
> What do you think about them?

What kind of data was scanned?
Was it hand-crafted, automatically generated, or real world files?
What is the confidence of the values you measured?
(I don't see if you've repeated the experiment or not, there is no
standard deviation, or any other statistical indicator).

> Just wonder about BM, it is not efficient as AC, cannot see point why
> BM is used for static signatures. AC works here better...
> or am I missing something,

I've already answered this:

if you switch ClamAV to use only AC, you'll notice a significant
performance improvement, at the expense of increased memory usage for
the DB.

> I copied 20 first signature from main.ndb, and use them for performace
> measurements.

Results from benchmarks with such a low signature count will be useless
in practice.

Hint: larger tries don't fit in L2, and also produce a lot of DTLB misses

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