Thomasz Blaszczyk in message 'Re: [Clamav-devel] clamAV scanning algorithm' 
> >
> > if you switch ClamAV to use only AC, you'll notice a significant
> > performance improvement, at the expense of increased memory usage for
> > the DB.
> Right, AC trees are quite large and takes lot of memory..
> So BM is only used to save memory? I guess, it was implemented first
> and some people still feel sentiment to this algorithm..:)
> Since AC works faster and handles wildcards...

If I remember correctly it was just on the contrary,
AC was implemented first (version I recall was 0.67,
I haven't looked at a code of earlier versions except
some truly historical stuff like 0.11 or 0.15)
and later because of memory problems Edwin mentioned
at least a few times BM was added to resolve those

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