> What kind of data was scanned?
> Was it hand-crafted, automatically generated, or real world files?

I create files by calling in loop function: fputc('my_byte')
file_builder -n sizeoffile -xB8

So entire file consists of bytes 'B8'   and I create 2MB, 4MB file, up
to 60MB files

> What is the confidence of the values you measured?
> (I don't see if you've repeated the experiment or not, there is no
> standard deviation, or any other statistical indicator).
Right there is some deviation, (I repeat measurement 3 times) I take
average, but I will repeat measurments again and calculate deviation.

>> Just wonder about BM, it is not efficient as AC, cannot see point why
>> BM is used for static signatures. AC works here better...
>> or am I missing something,
> I've already answered this:
> if you switch ClamAV to use only AC, you'll notice a significant
> performance improvement, at the expense of increased memory usage for
> the DB.
Right, AC trees are quite large and takes lot of memory..
So BM is only used to save memory? I guess, it was implemented first
and some people still feel sentiment to this algorithm..:)
Since AC works faster and handles wildcards...

>> I copied 20 first signature from main.ndb, and use them for performace
>> measurements.
> Results from benchmarks with such a low signature count will be useless
> in practice.
> Hint: larger tries don't fit in L2, and also produce a lot of DTLB misses
Thanks for hints

> Best regards,
> --Edwin

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