@ GBlorst Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to try and stop feeding the troll.

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Hi, Dino.

Reindl is a scared little boy. This is normal behavior for him. He has low-self 
esteem and needs to make his little boy self feel better. Don't worry about him.
Ignore him and he will go away!

He has been banned from many lists for his childish behavior!

Bye Bye Reindl.


How about you contribute something of value to this discussion instead of a 
link about how this was added in Linux 7 years ago so you can show everyone how 
clever you are.

Do I really need to know the history of this change? No, I was able to figure 
it out and I posted that with my 2nd post.

The main issue still remains, "/bin/mkdir: cannot create directory 
‘/run/clamav’: File exists". Do you have any insight on that? I'm thinking no?


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