On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 2:43:20 PM UTC-4, Andy wrote:
> This feels like a different world.


> Has anyone experienced a sharp increase in their problem solving abilities 
> after switching to Clojure?

Not sure about problem-solving per se, but better tools do seem to take us 
to a different level, and in ways greater than simply having the better 
tools' capabilities. eg, One will not recognize a problem as amenable to 
recursion until one has learned recursion (if only by inventing the 
technique on the fly as autodidacts often do. Then (yes) we start attacking 
problems we would shy from without such powerful tools.

Instead of thinking "that would be insane to code up" we think "oh yeah, 
can of corn" (if you know your baseball jargon).

So maybe it is not that our ability increases so much as a powerful 
language liberates that ability. Indeed, many who discover powerful 
languages did so through an active search for a better language, knowing 
they were being held back by their current tools.

Jes thinkin out loud.

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