I am a French web developer, soon a teacher, IT books and standards 

I've listened many times to many of Rich Hickey conferences. It took me 
time and mental efforts to understand those ideas and concepts, but now I 
can say that I consider Rich Hickey to be on of the most precious (public 
at least) thinker and artisan in the IT. So for that, I want first to thank 
him to have shape my mind to fascinating new horizons.

I want to make the ideas and concepts discussed in those conferences 
accessible for a French-speaking audience. I think many people (besides 
programmers) interested from near or far to information systems would 
benefit from this content. I'm rather surprised to realize that even if 
understanding/reading English language is a "must have" for any developer 
around the world, still many French-speaking developers and IT people are 
not able to "read" (in the general sense) with ease many English textbooks 
or conferences. I would like to contribute to feel that gap by translating 
and publishing some content found in those conferences for this audience, 
because this work is highly valuable, and I think need to be better known 
by many IT people.

I've already made a French subtitle version of the conference "The Value of 
Values" (Jax Conference, 2012) available on YouTube (link: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJi1vOwu2SM). I've been doing caption for 
many years now. Mainly I have caption 5 of 7 of the Feynman Lectures on 
Physics conference (1964) (I'm an ex physicist and big fan of Richard 
Feynman...) (link: 
And I saw that many people were hungry for this wonderful and rich content 
(as your work) they cannot access otherwise.

I would like, in the near future, to work on a compilation of transcripts 
of some of Rich Hickey conferences (based on some themes), translated in 
French. The idea I have in mind is to try to publish a small book in French 
in the same idea as the book "La nature de la physique", a French 
transcript compilation of the Feynman Lectures on Physics.

I wanted to know if Rich Hickey (or any other people involved) would be 
interested to see this project happening or not, and if there are any legal 
questions, constrains etc...

Thank you for reading this way too long message,

I wish you a very pleasant day,

Best regards,

Paul Schuhmacher

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