On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 6:14:02 PM UTC-5, Alan Moore wrote:
> Another red pill rescue... ;-)
> I know how you feel... My day job is all in C++ and JS so it is nice to go 
> home and work in a sane language.
> I sometimes apply the general principles I've learned to the day job and I 
> challenge myself to translate certain idioms from FP to C++. I've noticed 
> that 

I think of Javascript as a language that allows you to do functional 
programming.  It allows you to do a lot of other things, too.  Jiyin Yiyong, my 
guess is that much of what you do in Clojurescript could be written in an 
analogous style in Javascript.  There are libraries available for Javascript 
that make this easier, and books and websites that teach functional programming 
techniques in Javascript.  That wouldn't be as much fun as Clojurescript(!), 
but it might not be as painful as other programming methods in Javascript.

Maybe the real problem is not Javascript, but the skills of other programmers 
you work with (I don't think that imperative programming, OO, etc. is bad--but 
it's not what I like), and the libraries you are using (you mentioned some 
template languages).  

When I worked at jobs in programming teams, sometimes I used functional methods 
in Java or in Perl.  I had to make sure that other programmers would understand 
the code later, so I made sure that I documented it very thoroughly.

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