Thank you both for the links, especially the FAQ page. As an aside I was 
looking for something like the namespace function and am glad I found it.

Something is still confusing me however. If we follow the reader docs which 
Alex posted, "Symbols begin with a non-numeric character", and "Keywords 
are *like* symbols" (emphasis mine, this may be open to interpretation) 
hence also shouldn't begin with a non-numeric character. But if you try the 
following in either Clojure or (Script)'s REPLs, they work just fine:

;= :0

Further, using the respective reader-string functions also yields:
(read-string ":0")
;= :0

So this would indicate that whatever is written in the docs is not 
necessarily being enforced in the reader, is that correct? 

It seems that as far as the reader is concerned, keywords can begin with a 
numeric but the name portion (after the /) of a namespaced keyword can't. 
In other words :0 is legal, :a/0 isn't. 

Interestingly enough, 
;= :0/a

is also legal within each language's reader.

In which case, why are :0 and :0/a legal but not :a/0?

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