Thank you for the background, it explains everything.

So, if you want to be really safe and "to the spec" right now, then I would 
> say, don't use leading digits in keywords. Realistically though, we're 
> never going to disallow those and eventually I expect them to be 
> "officially" ok. 

This is what I specifically wanted to hear, whether things are going to 
change in the future and if so how. But as it doesn't sound like they are, 
I know where I stand.

> For leading digits in namespaces, that may actually violate Java package 
> rules, in which cases we would not be able to allow that.

This isn't such a concern for me as I'm mostly using them in CLJS, but I do 
realise that macros are currently executed in Clojure-land so I'll keep all 
of this in mind as I go along.


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