On 2018-02-13 12:32-0500 Brad King wrote:

On 2/9/2018 2:36 AM, Arjen Markus wrote:
From: Alan W. Irwin
I suggest you try the names CYGWIN-NAG-Fortran.cmake and
Windows-NAG-Fortran.cmake for the two separate Platform
files you are trying to create for the Cygwin and
MinGW-w64/MSYS2 platforms.

I think those names are correct.  However, the status of CMake
for MSYS2-native builds is unclear.  See below.

I have a Platform file “Windows-NAG-Fortran.cmake” and that is used
correctly if I start the NAG Fortran environment (using the MinGW
Makefiles generator)


but if I try the same with MinGWw-w64/MSYS2, this file is clearly ignored

What is the value of CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME that is detected?

Typically this should be "Windows" for a Windows-native CMake
and "CYGWIN" for a cygwin-built CMake that is linked against the
cygwin runtime library.

For MSYS2 what CMake are you running?  A Windows CMake or one
that came packaged by MSYS2?  Does the latter link against the
msys2 runtime library?

While waiting for Arjen to respond from his European time zone to that
question, which cmake package for MinGW-w64/MSYS2 do you usually
recommend?  The cmake package from the mingw64 repository or the cmake
package from the msys2 repository?

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