On 2018-02-13 14:56-0500 Brad King wrote:

On 2/13/2018 2:50 PM, Alan W. Irwin wrote:
While waiting for Arjen to respond from his European time zone to that
question, which cmake package for MinGW-w64/MSYS2 do you usually
recommend?  The cmake package from the mingw64 repository or the cmake
package from the msys2 repository?

I'm not familiar with either of those.  What does each report as

In general, you get native packages from the mingw64 repository and
POSIX-aware packages from the msys2 repository for this dual-natured
platform, and cmake is one of those rare beasts that has a package
in each repo.

@Arjen: to answer Brad's questions you should modify our top-level
CMakeLists.txt to also report CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM_NAME (just in case
that is not the same as CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME which we already report
there).  I assume from the CMakeCache.txt file you included in your
August comprehensive test report for this platform that you are still
running $PREFIX/mingw64/bin/cmake.exe, i.e., the version of cmake from
the mingw64 repository.  So just configuring PLplot on that platform
should give you the mingw64 answer to Brad's questions.  And to get
the msys2 answer you will need to temporarily move
$PREFIX/mingw64/bin/cmake.exe out of the way, install the POSIX
version of cmake from the msys2 repo, and configure PLplot from
scratch again using the msys2 version of cmake.


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