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See below.

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> Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 11:55 PM
> In general, you get native packages from the mingw64 repository and 
> POSIX-aware
> packages from the msys2 repository for this dual-natured platform, and cmake 
> is
> one of those rare beasts that has a package in each repo.
Yes, I have both - one in $PREFIX/mingw64/bin and one in $PREFIX/usr/bin. The 
latter is the MSYS2 version.

> @Arjen: to answer Brad's questions you should modify our top-level 
> CMakeLists.txt
> to also report CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM_NAME (just in case that is not the same
> as CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME which we already report there).  >

The MinGW version of Cmake reports Windows for both variables and the MSYS2 
version reports MSYS.

I set CC and FC to x64cc and nagfor respectively before invoking CMake (either 
version), so that the proper tools are used. However, the problem is that 
sometimes the configuration fails, sometimes the build fails. There is very 
little information about what is going wrong. Or there is a lot I simply fail 
to find the wanted needle in that haystack.

I have also had a situation where the Freetype library was recognised but the 
build failed on a bunch of unresolved externals.

Further complication: my trial licence for NAG Fortran ends today :(.

So, the exercise up to now has brought us a nice way to use NAG Fortran in its 
native environment, but without the benefit of installed packages under 

The number of combinations to try is also rather big, I am afraid. That would 
require a lot more trial and error, if no pruning is possible.



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