Thanks for the update.  I hope all keeps going well.

No preaching today, you are under control and I hope you continue to get 

Richard H.

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 12:33:13 PM UTC-5, Beth wrote:
> Dear Susan, Jeanie, Marty, Richard, Greenie et all,  
> So sorry I have not been communicative for a long while. I am coming up 
> after a really hard year physically and with many losses...sifting through 
> 6000 emails...I realize how much I have missed just our groups banter, and 
> love....
> Hope each one of you is enjoying moments of sunshine...and holding on to 
> the love that is in our group. I rely so often on the stories of others to 
> inspire me, give me hold hope for a better tomorrow and to 
> stand tall in the belief that "This too shall pass" as my dad used to 
> say...when things were really bad..  I had a rough year starting last 
> September with heart issues, then got worse in December...and stayed 
> struggling through the spring...starting to feel a bit stronger....still 
> vulnerable, but fighting spirit is back...and I am see the 
> hummingbirds out my window...flox is in full bloom....75 degrees  and sunny 
> life is good for now...later today seeing the cardiologist to 
> swap medicines...then oncologist Friday. CPK stil supper high so muscle 
> continues to waste..I hardly recognize myself and its affected my 
> kidneys..all the protein going through them...Will get blood work done in a 
> couple of weeks at U of C...last test in June had cancer low 
> levels...had to go off for a drug holiday because of only 
> back on for three weeks. We shall see how I am doing....I am seeing Dr. 
> Druker in October...he always makes me feel hopeful and calm....he has a 
> way about him that invites this...and for which I am always so grateful..
> I know each of you has had your struggles....physically and 
> emotionally...I think of you often and pray for each of you every 
> night....Greenie, especially you and your wife,....this first year of 
> grieving Derek...your hard to bare...I m holding 7 
> clients who have lost adult children in my practice. I brought them 
> together in a group to so they could meet one another and share their 
> stories, introduce their children and share their grief.
> I thought of you and wondered if something like that might be helpful to 
> you..I know there are many supports in your area through local hospices and 
> I think Health Park...God willing I will be down by you in December as I 
> was supposed to be last year before everything erupted..
> Hope to one day give you a big hug. 
> and to the rest of, hugs and 18' feels good to write 
> something...
> Beth

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