Juxtapose.  Beautiful!

After that bit of processing, I'm left with records containing 6 
space-delineated words.

Is it even possible to have PIPE append the record into a STEM where the stem's 
name is Word6 in the record?

--Shawn S.

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The reason your approach did not work is that REXX substitutes the variable 
before the PIPE command is issued. CMS Pipelines does not know there even was a 
variable in your program.

As Mike points out, JUXTAPOSE is the way to do this with a multi-steam pipe.

 PIPE (end \)
   | v: find *VOLUME
   | spec w2 1.6 w4 nw.5
   | j: juxtapose
   | cons
   \ v:
   | spec 8-* 1
   | j:


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