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> I just wrote NOT FANIN to straighten a kink in a pipeline and then
> thought to look at the help, and I see it says:

I may be missing something, but FANIN has only a primary output, so how
would NOT do anything for you? Wouldn't NOT FANIN make you connect the
secondary output of FANIN (which does not exist)? Were you thinking NOT
FANOUT maybe (I have often wanted to specify the order in which records are

> > Streams Used:  Records are read from the primary input stream; no other
> > input stream may be connected.
> I find pipelines I wrote with NOT LOOKUP in 2011, so it's read the
> secondary input at least that far back.

Yes, I believe we also connect the secondary input. I don't see any
evidence that it wasn't like that in '92

Now the popular idiom is NOT LOOKUP AUTOADD where you don't have a
secondary input...

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