I just bought 2 140 watt glass Solara panels with 2 Gensun MPPT GV-10 
controllers, and a Solar Monitor Watt Wizard. Mounted the panels above the 
bimini lengthwise. Bought the system from BRJ Solutions in Seattle. I could not 
beat his prices in an internet search. On a sunny day my batteries are charged 
by 1pm, running my fridge and led lights. 
    Doug MountjoysvPegasusLF38 #4just west of Ballard, WA.    

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I feel this topic has been reviewed a while back.   I'm looking to purchase 150 
watt panels and control unit. What do you feel would be the best 
system?Requirements are minimal.Thanks for your help. Jim schwartz SEA YA !C&c 
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