I have very similar (consistent) results, even though I am much further north 
(45 °).


I have a 24 W panel and I get a maximum charging current around 1.1 -1.3 A. My 
maximum charge per day is much less, but my batteries are never that empty. I 
think that the maximum I ever saw was just under 10 Wh in a day. This is 
certainly enough to keep the batteries healthy.


My solar panel is a flexible one that I put on the bimini. There is always some 
shading (a least, the backstay), so the efficinecy is not the best.


This is with an older model of Morningstar, but it has a digital charge 
monitor, so it tells you what is (and was) going on with the solar charging.


If you use refrigeration or generally, have big power budget and big batteries, 
you need much more solar power (150 W or more).



Ottawa, ON


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Genasun is pretty much the agreed best engineered MPPT controller though they 
don't do higher current.  They have varying options for battery chemistry and 
wattage.  If genasun is what you use then you'll basically have to plan on one 
controller per panel which is great for reliability and redundancy but may not 
be so good on your pocket book.  They also don't have digital volt/amp/watt 
outputs so you'll probably want to look at getting one.  Genasun also offers a 
boost feature which allows a solar panel that outputs less than the battery 
voltage to charge the battery.  Otherwise you'll have to ensure the panel 
voltage is greater than battery voltage and they won't start/stay charging in 
the morning or in the evening.

Just to talk numbers for a minute.  My experience is that a 100 watt 
monocrystaline flexible panel mounted horizontally at a geographic latitude of 
38° yields a max of 66 watts in the peek summer sun.  I get about 4 or 5 amps 
peek charge current but only at peek sun.    IIRC I get a cumulative ~900 
watt-hours per day.

Josh Muckley
S/V Sea Hawk
1989 C&C 37+
Solomons, MD


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