This is absolutely nothing new at all!
I was a Raytheon dealer back in the day and they were always pulling crap like 
this. Their XX radar series was supposed to transfer a target from radar to 
chart plotter (back when this was a brand new idea). I sold a radar and plotter 
with this as a selling point. It did not work. We sent it back and after a 
month it was returned to us and now the feature was working great.
Fast forward a few months and the boat is hit by lightning. We get a new radar 
and plotter and guess what – waypoints no workee ☹ So I call Raytheon and the 
fix was a custom EPROM for JUST OUR UNIT, they only made one, the change was 
not rolled out to production yet, and the guy that did it was no longer working 
there! The frustrating thing is they make some really innovative stuff now and 
there really is no equivalent to their current wheelpilot. Despite all these 
shenanigans I don’t see an alternative except to keep on repairing my old 1980s 
AH 4000 unit. I think I have 3 drives and 2 course computers right now to swap 
parts around with, but even that won’t last forever. I will talk to my local 
Raytheon dealer, I would think they would be willing to have a shop MFD to 
update customer gear as a service and I would expect it for free if I bought it 
from them recently.
I know back in the day I had loaner instruments and SSBs I loaned out for free 
while the customers gear was sent back for warranty. If they ran off with it, I 
just kept theirs for the next loaner ☺


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