I recently bought a Raymarine EVO 100 autopilot to add to my existing B&G 
Triton speed, depth, wind instruments. The EVO autohelm integrated with no 
issues ... it displays wind speed and direction and it will sail to an apparent 
wind angle (even triggers the alarm if there is a wind shift). I spent hours 
with both B&G and Raymarine tech support over the connection issue. The 
Raymarine and B&G "nema 2000" backbone cables must be connected "end to end". 
To achieve this you must cut one end off the Raymarine backbone cable and 
install a Maretron connector ($20) that will plug into the B&G backbone cable. 
The connector is a bit fiddly with tiny setscrews but it works perfectly and 
the 2 systems talk to each other.

Bob Hickson, P. ENG.,Sent from Samsung Mobile

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