Anchovy had a 2 gallon gas can for a holding tank when I got her.  I
converted the forward potable water tank into a holding tank and installed
13 gallon bladders in the spaces you describe under the port and starboard

I cut out rather large openings on the two sides to facilitate installing
the bladders and converting the tank.  Then I cut "Flanges" out of plywood
that are epoxied and screwed in place under the v-berth platform.  These
flanges are very strong and allowed me to reinstall the cutouts after the
mods were done.  The cutouts are screwed back in place but not epoxied so
that I can pull them again if needed.

I also removed the overboard through-hull and glassed it in.

I really like having a 30-35 gallon holding tank.

Rick Bushie
Anchovy, '71 30-1
Tolchester, MD

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