Your 5 gallon can reminds me how handy it was at times to have a portapotti
that could be easily emptied in a shore-toilet.
Not sure where you are located but there is a shop in Whitby ON - a
division of MAS plastics - that makes custom poly holding tanks.   In any
case I would make a cardboard mock up before ordering anything.
Ordering and shipping something that bulky across the border would be
killer, twice would be worse.
If you can, have the pump out hose exit from the top, with a length of pipe
reaching to the bottom.  This prevents black water from collecting in the
hose, and moves the fitting/hole to above the (black) waterline.
Not familiar with your boat , but it seems strange you have no deck plate.
IF you are going to cut open any bulkhead, remember to cut the corners with
a large radius to avoid stress concentrations.



 On 10/11/2016 7:49 PM, Collin Ferguson via CnC-List wrote:
> Hello, This is my first posting to this list.  I'm used to forums like
> on the Moyer site, so hopefully I'm doing this right.
> I have a 1974 C&C 30 MK1.  To my knowledge, it was built without a
> blackwater holding tank for the Head.  At some point over the last 40
> years a P.O. put a 5 gallon Jerry can in a storage compartment in the
> V Berth and installed a Y valve after the macerator.  One side of the
> Y valve goes overboard the other goes to the Jerry can.
> I'd like to install a legitimate holding tank and I think the storage
> compartment on the Port side of the V berth is a good spot.
> Here's my question...
> The current opening to that storage compartment is very small, just
> barely fits the square 5 gallon jerry can.  Can I make that opening
> bigger without affecting the structural integrity of the boat?  I
> understand that I'll have to make the hatch sturdy so it won't fall
> through when you sleep in the v berth.  There is a lot more to do,
> like install and plumb a pump out deck plate.  But the placement of
> the holding tank, and finding one seems to be the hardest part.
> Thanks for your help,
> Collin

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