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Josh Muckley
S/V Sea Hawk
1989 C&C 37+
Solomons, MD

On Oct 11, 2016 7:54 PM, "Collin Ferguson via CnC-List" <
cnc-list@cnc-list.com> wrote:

> Hello, This is my first posting to this list.  I'm used to forums like on
> the Moyer site, so hopefully I'm doing this right.
> I have a 1974 C&C 30 MK1.  To my knowledge, it was built without a
> blackwater holding tank for the Head.  At some point over the last 40 years
> a P.O. put a 5 gallon Jerry can in a storage compartment in the V Berth and
> installed a Y valve after the macerator.  One side of the Y valve goes
> overboard the other goes to the Jerry can.
> I'd like to install a legitimate holding tank and I think the storage
> compartment on the Port side of the V berth is a good spot.
> Here's my question...
> The current opening to that storage compartment is very small, just barely
> fits the square 5 gallon jerry can.  Can I make that opening bigger without
> affecting the structural integrity of the boat?  I understand that I'll
> have to make the hatch sturdy so it won't fall through when you sleep in
> the v berth.  There is a lot more to do, like install and plumb a pump out
> deck plate.  But the placement of the holding tank, and finding one seems
> to be the hardest part.
> Thanks for your help,
> Collin
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This list is supported by the generous donations of our members. If you like 
what we do, please help us pay for our costs by donating. All Contributions are 
greatly appreciated!

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