Well, I have heard from the insurance company. I got an estimate for a full repair of the bulkhead and mast collar and replacement of the rig that is 1.5 times the agreed to hull value is so the insurance company is writing us a check and walking away. They are not totaling the boat and, right now, they are expecting us to dispose of the hull. They are looking at salvage values for us. Torresen Marine has expressed a mild interest in the engine (Universal M-25XPB with a whopping 132 hours). We will remove the Andersen Self Tailing Winches, the Adler Barbour Refrigeration System, the Raymarine ST60 instruments, the Autopilot and the new Garhauer Mainsheet traveler. There are other smaller items that we will grab (cleats, line stoppers) but that is the main list.

We are looking at a 1978 C&C 38 and a 1981 C&C32. Each has it's selling points and each has it's own weaknesses. Please feel free to provide advise on the selections. Our criteria has been: 35±3', fresh water, C&C, a preference to Lake Michigan and within the payout from the insurance company.

We have looked at closely at the 38'. We will look at the 32' in the next couple of weeks.

We must have taken nearly 1/2 ton of ropes and loose gear off Corsair already. I can't believe how much we have acquired in 21 years.

Anybody on the list interested in the engine or rest of the boat, please let us know.

Neil Schiller
1970 Redwing 35, Hull #7
On the hard in Muskegon, Mi

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