Hi Brian

We have knots on all main and spin halyards.  The boat came that way.  We use 
the same halyard with the roller furling headsail when cruising as we do for 
Wednesday night races and regattas.  The halyards are some variation of a low 
stretch high tech line possibly ½ inch outer diameter.  We have snap shackles 
on headsail and spin halyards and a sturdier shackle on main.  The knots attach 
the halyards to the shackles.  Lots of WL as well as deliveries and some 

The biggest concern we have had with the knows is that it limits the luff 
length of the headsail a bit as we lose as much as one inch of hoist compared 
to a splice

Frers 33 #16

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This is an interesting and very timely thread.  I need to replace a genoa 
halyard and assumed an eye splice would be needed.  Had never contemplated a 
knot on anything larger than a 10’ dinghy.  What type of line are people using 
that are tying any of these knots?  Some line is considerably stiffer than 
others due to the materials used and line construction.  NER Stay Set or Samson 
XLS is probably fairly easy to tie one of these knots.  Has anyone tied one of 
these knots using NER V-100 or Yale Crystalyne?

Also are these knots being used mostly when cruising so the halyard goes on the 
furling genoa at the beginning of the season and does not really come down 
until the end of the season, or are they used in W/L racing where the genoa 
goes up and down 3 or more times in a race with 3 races a day?


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