When I was shopping for insurance for our current boat, $85k value, boat us was 
the highest.  I went with a company called seaworthy (just a coincidence).  
They were 1/2 what boat us wanted.  They have since been bought by gieco which 
now owns boat us I'm told.   Strange...  

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Stus-List insurance 
I am with Red Sield $850 for $60k. This is also live aboard, think my 
deductible is $1000. 
Doug Mountjoy Rebecca Leah LF39POYC, WA

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Stus-List insurance 
Hello all               Well I just got my insurance bill from boat US and it 
went up 238$  a pretty big increase.  I called to ask why and they said it was 
nothing on my end rates just went up.  I am wondering if everybody else got 
raised as well?  I tried to increase my deductible  which is zero, to say 4% or 
so to lower my rates. They said they can't do that because they have a 
automatic lowering of the deductible over time and once it reaches zero it must 
stay there. Sounds like they just want to keep the bill up! 1100$ for 40k, 
might have to start shopping, any feedback?
                                                             Gary K  "Liberty"  
1976  38'  MKll

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