This is fairly standard. If the engine dies, you are on your own to fix it. If 
it dies and the boat goes on the rocks, you are covered.

BTW - Our endorsement to sail to Bermuda went up something like $50 to $500 
over time because of people claiming ripped up sails according to our agent. It 
never ever occurred to me to blow a chute and make a claim, but people did :( 
First time we forgot about it and called in about 30 miles east of Norfolk.
"We need coverage for Bermuda"
"This summer?"
"Right NOW, we are on the way already and won't be in radio range much longer"
"Well OK is $50 too much?"

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Another excerpt

Mature Vessel Program Endorsement
The following conditions are added to Section "A" - Hull Insurance, 10. Cause 
of loss that are not covered:
8. Mechanical Breakdown of machinery
9. Leakage, demise, compromise or failure of any sort, of fuel tanks and 
fueling systems
However, we do insure for any resulting loss caused by items 8. and 9. unless 
the resulting loss is excluded
from coverage.

John and Maryann
Legacy III
1982 C&C 34
Noank, CT


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