We raced a 33 MKII extensively....had good sails...boat handled well....then the owner got a new Doyle Pentax full roach main....he didn't know he was getting a main with a big roach he didn't have originally....the sail maker, Brad from Doyle took it upon himself to do it, he knew we were seriously campaigning the boat.

There was a noticeable difference and not that the old main sail was all that bad...it wasn't, Bruce had decided he wanted a new main.

We felt the big roach helped to point that boat very well and the extra sq. footage in the main downwind didn't slow us down.

And yes, in light air you need to 'feather' the main across the backstay but it is worth it....the other points of sail outweigh the light air stuff.

Rob Abbott
C&C 32 - 84
Halifax, N.S.

On 2018-02-09 3:21 PM, Bill Coleman via CnC-List wrote:

I think the biggest bang for the buck is a full roach main.

Shortly after buying the boat, I got mad at the boom and bought a new extrusion from Charleston, they sell in 2 foot increments. I was telling a friend (who also had a 39, and was an NA Intern at C&C in the early 70’s) what I was doing, and he said, don’t bother cutting that extra foot off, just leave it 14’, it will sail better”  So I did, and with a full roach, it was a game changer. PHRF nicked me 6 seconds, but it was well worth it. When the wind pipes up 18 – 20 and over, I just drop the main and sail with the 140 Genoa.  Only (very slight drawback), is the 140 had to be a little heavy to do this.

Oh yeah, one other thing, in very light air you have to **help** the main across the backstay.

Bill Coleman


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