Most often, the anode is part of the pressure relieve valve (the one that if 
you open it once, it does not close back properly).


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I have had my boat 12 years (seasons here in the North) with the same hot water 
heater.....coolant and electric.....never knew there might be an anode to 

However, after 12 seasons by me and I don't know how many by the original 
owner, I should be thinking, no planning, of replacing it.

When I took my fuel tank outlast Fall, another story, I measured the water tank 
and it will not come up from the lazarette, as is just too 
would have to be either taken apart ( the outer casing from the actual tank) or 
cut it up.  One thing for sure, if C&C or the previous put it in, it did not go 
down the lazarette the way it is put together right now.  And if you had to 
take it apart and put it back together when you get it in, why would you do 
that in the first place.  Get get a water heater that fits down the lazarette.

It can't be 33 years old?

Rob Abbott
C&C 32- 84
Halifax, N.S.
On 2018-03-02 5:05 PM, Bruce Whitmore via CnC-List wrote:
I recently saw an article in the Boat U.S. magazine about replacing the 
sacrificial anode in boat water heaters.

Interestingly, when we bought our boat, the water heater was not hooked up 
(though the hoses were still full of antifreeze), and the water tanks were bone 
dry.  I think it had been that way for at least 7 years, and maybe longer.

I haven't checked the anode yet.

Just curious,

Bruce Whitmore
1994 C&C 37/40+, "Astralis"
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