My 37+ has a vented loop behind the vanity. I converted the port side water 
tank to holding for the Great Lakes. I installed a check valve in the aft sink 
but shut off the v birth sink when sailing using a 1/4 turn valve in the drain. 
It’s pretty easy to bury the rail in a blow. I try to reduce sail but it’s just 
too much fun. If you remove the stainless shower pole, plexi glass and the 
cabinetry you can access a few things but its unlikely you can get as far as 
the vented loop. The whole vanity is tabbed to the hull with 3 inch glass tape. 
Look over top of the vanity for the loop. It’s built in so you cannot service 
it easily. You can get to anything with a grinder and diamond blade if 
necessary. If you are ever up north I can show you what it looks like, changing 
out the aluminum holding tank for  plastic was a real PIA. I recommend a shut 
off valve in every holding tank in case the joker valve fails and it will. 
Shitty job if it does. Len 

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