On Sep 22, 2016, at 03:16 , Gabriel Zachmann <z...@tu-clausthal.de> wrote:
> That makes me wonder: why isn't it possible to register several, different 
> observers for the same thing?
> That way, I wouldn't need to care about observations I didn't create, would I?

Because the observer is an object. Your observation and a superclass 
observation come from the same object. Whether these are to be treated as 
different observations** cannot be determined automatically, hence the need for 
a “context”.

The reason it’s messy is that the observer/notification API is old and doesn’t 
follow modern API design practices. If this were being designed today, the 
“observeValueForKeyPath…” method would likely be replaced by a block/closure 
(similar to a completion handler) that’s passed as a parameter to the 
“addObserver…” call, and there wouldn’t be any contexts.

** That is, a superclass ‘addObserver’ may be in common code that’s used by all 
the subclasses, or it may be a private observation that’s separate from what 
subclasses use. Where the observation is created is insufficient to determine 
whether it’s an observation “you” created, or you “care about”.

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