> On 2 Dec 2016, at 01:31, Jens Alfke <j...@mooseyard.com> wrote:
>> On Dec 1, 2016, at 7:58 AM, Andreas Falkenhahn <andr...@falkenhahn.com> 
>> wrote:
>> My app supports external plugins. On macOS, Linux, and Windows those plugins
>> are just shared objects/dylibs (or DLLs) loaded via dlopen() (or 
>> LoadLibrary()
>> on Windows) at runtime.
> Does iOS still not support dlopen? I thought that, when iOS 8 granted the 
> ability to load dynamic libraries, that dlopen would start working.

Yes, dlopen is supported in iOS 8 and following.
But of course, you can only open and link with libraries that have been code 
signed properly.  
We use dlopen to load at run-time frameworks properly code signed and included 
in the application bundle

> What about the CFBundle API? Is that supported?
>> Now I'm looking for a way to port this design to iOS. The obvious choice 
>> seems
>> to be turning the individual plugins into individual Cocoa Touch Frameworks.
>> However, this results in the following big problem: The symbol names are the
>> same for every plugin, i.e. every plugin has a symbol named InitPlugin(), a
>> symbol named FreePlugin(), and so on.
> If you use frameworks then yes, you’ll have to rename the exported symbols in 
> every plugin to be unique.

You don’t need to rename external symbols when you load a library dynamically.  
In that case, each library has its own symbol table, and you can search for 
symbols of same name in different libraries, using the dlsym function.

__Pascal Bourguignon__


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