Hi David,

there are still missing the sources for
and com.dotech.messaging.Message
to compile all classes. The latter one is less interesting, but the
BackgroundThreadEnvironment seems to be pretty cocoon specific ;-)
I would suggest you to create a complete source package with sitemap.xmap and
cocoon.xconf snippets (already in user documentation) which can easily be
compiled and testet. I think this will raise the changes that a commiter will
review and commit the code.

Do I unterstand correct that the BackgroundThreadEnvironment is some kind of
FakeEnvironment (no output/no input)?
I digged a bit around in your code and in the cocoon core and environment code
and now I am a bit confused about using different Environments with the same
Cocoon instance. What I was wondering about is that you use the HTTPEnvironment
to resolve (and construct) a Source object (in UploadTaskAction) and later use
your own BackgroundThreadEnvironment (in FileUploadTask) to process the source.
Does this work without problems?
What I want to do is generating PDF files in a background thread triggered by a
HTTP request. I guess I have to use the FileSavingEnvironment to do this. I am
somehow curious how to correctly use Cocoon and the CocoonComponentManager to
do this. Can you give me some hints or point to some docs about this?
Is this the following code the right approach?

    env = new FileSavingEnvironment(...);
    Processor processor =

or is there some way to directly get the Cocoon object from the manager or
somewhere else?

Thank You,

David Kavanagh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>Thanks for finding the omission. I've uploaded a zip including the two
>Yes, that environment object was needed to keep the underlying code
>happy. I don't do anything with the pipeline results. I just scan for
><error> elements because I was doing some SQL commands via the
>If I can be of any further help, please let me know.
>Peter Nuetzel . inglobo wrote:
>>Hi David,
>>I am interested in your background task manager.
>>I downloaded your document and your code from Bugzilla and found that several
>>source files are missing.
>>e.g. the Actions described in the document and
>>com.dotech.cocoon.environment.thread.BackgroundThreadEnvironment used by the
>>I'm specially interested in calling a cocoon pipeline from a background
>>Am I right that the BackgroundThreadEnvironment is responsible for that?
>>Maybe you can upload the missing source files to bugzilla.
>>Regards, Peter
>>BTW: I would not recommend to use Microsoft Word files for documentation in
>>open source project. Especially if it's not bound to the Microsoft Windows
>>platform. Better you use plain text, html or xml for contributing
>>David Kavanagh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>For those who were interested in something to manage background tasks in
>>>cocoon, have a look at bug 20271 in the bugzilla database. Please vote
>>>for it so it gets some attention.

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