On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 10:15 AM, Michał Jaworski <swist...@gmail.com>

> Have you heard about ocornut's ImGui (https://github.com/ocornut/imgui)?
> It's a pretty interesting C++ library for immediate mode GUIs.
> I've just recently released a Python wrapper for it called pyimgui (
> https://github.com/swistakm/pyimgui). ImGui is render-agnostic so it
> requires from developer to provide his own rendering primitives. As an
> exercise I've made some simple built-in Cocos2d integration. Maybe someone
> want's to give this lib a try and share some feedback?
Hi, Michal, glad to see new toys.

Installed from pypi, installed PyOpenGL that is also needed.
Downloaded the sample https://raw.githubusercontent.
Runs ok with latest cocos + pyglet from repo

My first impression was 'Ummm, needs more eye-candy' but later I found the
primary target for this gui are tools and ingame inspectors. For that the
looks are nice enough, especially after reducing the corner radius.

The example shows a lot of widgets, layout and styling variants. Enticing.

The primary library Github page depicts more elaborated screenshots

Well, the next would be to explore how hard is to build a simple real use
case, but that will need to wait a bit

As feedback points, no big deal, in random order:

- Windows py35 and py36 don't have wheels; a bit weak considering that
py<py35 don't even get binaries for security issues

- The project readme is a .readme.md, with markdown, which renders bad as
the Pypi project page. Github allows to use a README.rst which renders good
both in Github and in Pypi,  You can look at the cocos2d project for an
example, and here is the recipe we use to check locally if it will look

- while the example does a good job showing the wide offering, it exposes
something that is entirely built on the other side of the bind. An
additional, much simpler but non trivial example built in the python side
would help to grasp how to compose the window.

I have a use case for the library, not too complex; I will try to implement
and will comment about the process.

Thank for the software, Michal,

See all,


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