I'd suggest Python 3. 

There are mechanisms for managing virtual environments for Python, like penv, 
which make it easy to install and switch between versions without confusing the 


> On Mar 7, 2018, at 2:14 PM, Eric Lease Morgan <emor...@nd.edu> wrote:
> I need some advice regarding writing in Python 2 versus Python 3.
> I have been trying to write more of my software in Python because everybody 
> around me is speaking French (Ruby), Italian (R), or Spanish (Javascript) 
> when I’m speaking in Latin (Perl). My latest example is a set of command-line 
> tools (Bash as well as Python) designed to do scalable reading against 
> HathiTrust content. [1] I originally wrote the tools in Python 2. Since then 
> I learned more about the HathiTrust Research Center “capsules” (on-demand 
> virtual machines), and there Python 3 is the default environment. So, I 
> tweaked my code and it works out-of-the-box and as expected. 
> On the other hand, my kewl tools no longer work in my local environment 
> because I use Python 2, and I don’t feel like installing YAVoP (Yet Another 
> Version of Python) on my server(s). 
> What’d do you suggest? Do you suggest writing in: 1) Python 2 or 2) Python 3 
> or 3) a combination of both?
> [1] HathiTrust Research Center Workset Browser - 
> https://github.com/ndlib/text-analysis-htrc
> [2] HathiTrust Research Center “capsules” - 
> https://analytics.hathitrust.org/staticcapsules
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> Eric Morgan

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