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>> On the other hand, my kewl tools no longer work in my local environment 
>> because I use Python 2, and I don’t feel like installing YAVoP (Yet Another 
>> Version of Python) on my server(s).
>> What’d do you suggest? Do you suggest writing in: 1) Python 2 or 2) Python 3 
>> or 3) a combination of both?
> https://www.anaconda.com/download/

Okay. Based on the feedback provided here, as well as input from other places, 
here is my solution:

  0. Commit to Python 3
  1. Choose a distribution, and for better or for worse, I choose Anaconda
  2. Install distribution
  3. Make sure distribution is in my PATH
  4. Prefix scripts with  #!/usr/bin/env python
  5. Write software using Python 3

This way I can install libraries, modules, etc. using conda and not mess up my 
operating system’s version of Python. 

Thank you, and now my kewl HathiTrust distribution works locally to boot.

Eric M. 

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