I just want to backup Edward's comments.

I'm happy to discuss just about anything openly, though it is useful to have product specific lists, and yes at times useful to know that certain vendors or third party salesmen are not going to contact you as a result of posting.

Aquabrowser has many good points, but has lacked any sort of community, add to this the very limited documentation - which could lead to confusion as to what is a feature and what is a bespoke addition that another site has commissioned/developed. I even tried asking on the Aquabrowser Facebook fan page discussion board - its only post!
This mailing list is a very welcome addition.


On 22/10/2009 15:45, Edward M. Corrado wrote:
I don't see this as an interesting difference at all. Almost all
[larger] vendor-supplied products in the library world have their own
discussion lists that are limited to people that use/license their
products. We even see this with Open Source products such as Koha.
Although I do not use AquaBrowser, unlike almost all other library
specific-software of this magnitude I understand that AquaBrowser does
not have a user group (formal or informal). There currently is very few
ways (no way?) for users of this product to converse with each other and
share ideas.

There are numerous reasons for wanting to share information on a closed
list that can range from not wanting to spam a larger community with a
"how do activate a widget in product A" to asking questions/sharing
information that for whatever reason you don't want to or can't share
with the whole world (e.g. non-disclosure agreements, public relations
concerns, privacy concerns, not wanting your name in open archives
attached to something, etc.). In fact, in some cases you may not even
want the vendor on the list the way some Voyager systems administrators
created a list that excluded Endeavor (and now Ex Libris) and
non-systems people at Voyager sites. This made people feel much more
comfortable asking questions that maybe they would otherwise be
embarrassed or reluctant to ask.

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