Hi Joe,

That's really helpful, thanks.
Actually finding out what the error message is nice:

HTTP Error : 500 Can't connect to www.npr.org:80 (connect: Permission denied)

I've tried this with a few websites and always get the same error, which tells 
me that the problem is on my server side. Any idea what I can change so I don't 
get a permission-denied rejection? I'm not even sure what system I should be 
looking at.

I tried Vishwam's suggestion of granting 777 permissions to both the file and 
the directory and I get the same response. 

Is there some Apache setting someplace that says "hey, don't you go making web 
calls while I'm in charge"? 

(This is a Fedora server running Apache, btw). 

I don't know what to poke at!


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I'd suggest testing the results of the call, rather than just looking for 
content, as an empty response could be a result of the server you're 
connecting to.  (unlikely in this case, but it happens once in a while, 
particularly if you turn off redirection, or support caching). 
Unfortunately, you might have to use LWP::UserAgent, rather than 

        #!/bin/perl --

        use strict; use warnings;
        use LWP::UserAgent;

        my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new( timeout => 60 );

        my $response = $ua->get('http://www.npr.org/');
        if ( $response->is_success() ) {
                my $content = $response->decoded_content();
        } else {
                print "HTTP Error : ",$response->status_line(),"\n";


(and changing the shebang line for my location of perl, your version 
worked via both CGI and command line)

oh ... and you don't need the foreach loop:

        my $i = @lines;


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