Hi Kevin,

Love Heroku (http://heroku.com/), but it does have limitations in the way it 
works (e.g. Read-only drive space). I've heard good thinks about EngineYard 
(http://www.engineyard.com) and I've been running several apps through 

If you're feeling brave, you wan use jruby and deploy to Google's app-engine 


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I was curious if anyone could recommend a hosting service that they've had a 
good ruby on rails experience with. I've been working with bluehost but my 
experience has not been good. You need to work through a lot of hoops just to 
get a moderately complicated rails application properly. The applications we 
are looking at deploying would be moderately active, 1,000 -2000 visits a day. 
Thanks for any comments in advance.


Kevin Reiss

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