Train travel gives you a smaller carbon footprint than air travel!
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MJ Suhonos wrote:
Walter, once again, has made up for my impetuousness -- I had completely 
forgotten about Norman Rogers airport (YGK).  Apologies.

It's a bit expensive compared to ground transport ($350 from Pearson vs. $40 
Megabus or $120 Greyhound; via Ottawa?) but certainly an option for those 
flying in from elsewhere.

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On 2010-01-20, at 10:32 AM, Walter Lewis wrote:

On 20 Jan 10, at 10:16 AM, MJ Suhonos wrote:

I think mode of transportation is something to consider; for those of us in 
South/Eastern Ontario, most of the cities are relatively reachable within a few 
hours by ground (excepting Sudbury, unfortunately).

However, for those out-of-province coming via air transport, Kingston is at 
least 2h from the closest major airport (Ottawa).  [NB: don't get me wrong; as 
a Queen's graduate, I love Kingston very much].
As another Queen's grad (a little before MJ, I fear), I am also guilty of 
forgetting that Air Canada has about eight flights a day that drop into the 
airport at Kingston.  As a student it was mostly VIA, the bus or the thumb.  
That said, I would be driving right by Toronto's Pearson Airport on my way down 
and could time passage to do a pickup (or two).

 who loves Kingston in May and June

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