On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 6:08 AM, Tim Spalding <t...@librarything.com> wrote:
> I'd love to get some people together to agree on a standard book
> annotation format, so two people can tweet about the same book or
> other library item, and they or someone else can pull that together.
> I'm inclined to start adding it to the "I'm talking about" and "I'm
> adding" links on LibraryThing. I imagine it could be easily added to
> many library applications too—anywhere there is or could be a "share
> this on Twitter" link, including OPACs, citation managers, library
> event feeds, etc.

By this description alone it seems to me that OpenURL, perhaps
implemented as some variation on COinS, would make the most sense.
With OpenURL, the fields have already been defined. Perhaps the
underlying JSON for the annotation could look something like the

{ 'annotations':
  { 'z3988':
    { 'contextobject':

Additionally, one could specify an optional resolver parameter if so desired.

Mark A. Matienzo
Digital Archivist, Manuscripts and Archives
Yale University Library

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