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Unless someone can come up with a perfect pre-cooked format—one that
not only covers what we need but is also super easy and
space-efficient (we have only 1/2k to use!)—Why don't we just decide

'simplebib' : {


and start filling in fields. I don't think it makes sense to
externalize the information under another URL, at least in the first
instance. That at least doubles the calls involved, and makes whatever
you build dependent on lots of external services that may or may not

Oh yeah, let's create just another ad-hoc metadata format, because obviously there are not enough different formats around there!

To be honest: I admire your multitude of good ideas and efforts but this is one of the rare counterexamples. If you want to put bibliographic metadata into twitter annotations (good idea) you first need to clarify the basic purpose of embedding this information. I see two of them:

I. Identification: To identify other tweets and resources that refer to the same publication

II. Description: To nicely show which publication someone refers to.

The purpose of identification can be served by the following means:

a). standard identifiers
b). standard identifiers
c). standard identifiers

Examples of standard identifiers include ISBN, OCLC Number, ASIN, LibraryThing Work-ID, well-defined bibliographic hash keys [*] etc.

The purpose of description can best be served by a format that can easily be displayed for human beeings. You can either use a simple string or a well-known format. A string can be displayed but people will put all different citation formats in there. Right now there are only two established metadata formats that aim at creating a citation:

a) BibTeX
b) The input format of the Citation Style Language (CSL)

I bet that CSL is the easier way to go. See http://citationstyles.org/ for details and examples.


[*] See http://www.gbv.de/wikis/cls/Bibliographic_Hash_Key for a description of the mapping mechanism that is also used in BibSonomy to match BibTeX records.

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