Eric Hellman wrote:

What I hope for is that OpenURL 1.0 eventually takes a place
alongside SGML as a too-complex standard that directly paves the way
for a universally adopted foundational technology like XML. What I
fear is that it takes a place alongside MARC as an anachronistic
standard that paralyzes an entire industry.

But all the flaws of XML can be traced back to SGML which is why we now use JSON despite all of its limitations. May brother Ted Nelson enlighten all of us - he not only hates XML [1] and similar formats but also proposed an alternative way to structure information even before the invention of hierarchical file systems and operating systems [2]. In his vision of Xanadu every piece of published information had a unique ID that was reused everytimes the publication was referenced - which would solve our problem.


[2] Ted Nelson: A File Structure for the Complex, The Changing and the Indeterminate, ACM 20th National Conference, pages 84-100, 1965. Presented in 1964.

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