Kyle Banerjee schrieb:
This might not be as bad as people think. The normal argument is that
holdings are in free text and there's no way staff will ever have enough
time to record volume level holdings. However, significant chunks of the
problem can be addressed using relatively simple methods.

For example, if you can identify complete runs, you know that a library has
all holdings and can start automating things.

That's what we've done for journal holdings (only) in

Works perfect in combination with an EZB-account ( as a linkresolver. May be as exact as on issue level.

The tool is beeing used by around 100 libraries in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

If you check this one out: Don't expect the perfect OS-system. It has been developped by me (head of library and no IT-Professional) and a colleague (IT-Professional). I learned a lot through this one.

There is plenty room for improvement in it: some things implemented not yet so nice, other things done quite nice ;-)

If you want to discuss, use or contribute:

Very welcome!

Markus Fischer

While my comments are mostly concerned with journal holdings, similar logic
can be used with monographic series as well.


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