We are at the final stages of building an EBM system with AZ-list and OpenURL 
resolver developed in LAMP (with Ajax) which we will release into the public 
domain (AGPL). I'll put up a notice on this list when it's done, and you can 
try it out to see if it measures up :=)

Tony Mattsson
Landstinget Dalarna Bibliotek och informationscentral

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Från: Code for Libraries [mailto:CODE4LIB@LISTSERV.ND.EDU] För Michele DeSilva
Skickat: den 16 februari 2011 22:18
Ämne: [CODE4LIB] A to Z lists

Hi Code4Lib-ers,

I want to chime in and say that I, too, enjoyed the streaming archive from the 

I also have a question: my library has a horribly antiquated A to Z list of 
databases and online resources (it's based in Access). We'd like to do 
something that looks more modern and is far more user friendly. I found a great 
article in the Code4Lib journal (issue 12, by Danielle Rosenthal & Mario 
Bernado) about building a searchable A to Z list using Drupal. I'm also 
wondering what other institutions have done as far as in-house solutions. I 
know there're products we could buy, but, like everyone else, we don't have 
much money at the moment.

Thanks for any info or advice!

Michele DeSilva
Central Oregon Community College Library
Emerging Technologies Librarian

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