At Lehigh, I've extracted e-journals from our SirsiDynix Symphony catalog via API into alphabetical and discipline-based XML documents. We then index those documents with Swish-e ( and display the browse-able XML alphabetized lists and search interface in our Drupal-based website. Drupal, however, has little to do with the A-to-Z list other than processing the PHP/XML/XSLT. The Discipline-based order is determined by a value defined in local MARC field.

Our A-to-Z databases are NOT cataloged, so they are managed by a small PHP/MySQL app that two of our librarians control additions, deletions, and edits of metadata.

You can see the interfaces here:
  General Library Site:
  Specific Database Finder app:
  Special E-Journal A-Z app:


Tim McGeary
Team Leader, Library Technology
Lehigh University
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On 2/17/11 1:18 AM, Markus Fischer wrote:
The cheapest and best A to Z list i know is the german EZB:

This list is maintained by hunderds of libraries. You just mark those
journals you have licensed and that's it.

Not very widely known: they do also provide an API which you can use as
a free linkresolver. There are free tools you can plug into this API and
you've got your linkresolver.

The list is incredible accurate and you'll have almost no effort: any
change made by one library is valid for all.

Let me know if you need more information.

Markus Fischer

Am 16.02.2011 22:18, schrieb Michele DeSilva:
Hi Code4Lib-ers,

I want to chime in and say that I, too, enjoyed the streaming archive
from the conference.

I also have a question: my library has a horribly antiquated A to Z
list of databases and online resources (it's based in Access). We'd
like to do something that looks more modern and is far more user
friendly. I found a great article in the Code4Lib journal (issue 12,
by Danielle Rosenthal& Mario Bernado) about building a searchable A to
Z list using Drupal. I'm also wondering what other institutions have
done as far as in-house solutions. I know there're products we could
buy, but, like everyone else, we don't have much money at the moment.

Thanks for any info or advice!

Michele DeSilva
Central Oregon Community College Library
Emerging Technologies Librarian

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