Yes, that diagram is awesome! It does a great job of dividing up the standards 
by several different axes. I think the Function section in particular is what I 
didn't figure out on my own, mostly because I always assumed those functions 
were all contained in a single standard instead of split across several.

Esme Cowles <>

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On 07 20, 2011, at 5:47 PM, Laura Smart wrote:

> Esme (and all)
> Would Jenn Riley & Devin Becker's metadata standards visualization
> have been helpful to you if it had been available back in the day?
> Perhaps a detailed sub-set thereof?
> Perhaps at minimum a glossary of acronyms commonly tossed about by
> catalogers?  I'd write one but I think I'd be tempted to be snarky
> when trying to explain RDA in brief...
> Laura
> PS re: SAGE, I'd heard.  That it was useful/used for so long is a
> testament to the your development and programming skills and those of
> Chris Fryman and Brian Tingle. I raise my glass!   For the peanut
> gallery - SAGE was UCSD Lib's home-grown database of web resources
> that pub services librarians used to create subject-guides on the fly
> and was a thing of beauty to behold.  Would that all software
> developers do use cases, functional requirements, rapid
> prototyping/agile development, and usability testing so well!
> PPS: sorry to all for the somewhat personal communications couched in
> a public list discussion. The opportunity to publicly sing the praises
> of the excellent programmers I've been privileged to work with was too
> tempting to pass up.
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Cowles, Esme <> wrote:
>> Laura-
>> One of the things I wish someone had explained to me at the beginning is all 
>> the different metadata standards we use and how they fit together.  I'd been 
>> working with MARC metadata for years before anyone explained what AACR2 was, 
>> or various other controlled vocabulary content standards.  In fact, I think 
>> it wasn't until I was in a meeting with librarians explaining our metadata 
>> to non-library people that I heard a lot of things spelled out.
>> BTW, you might be interested to know that, after many years of faithful 
>> service, Sage is going to be decommissioned this Fall.

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