The extended ASCII character set, Latin-1, used in the old MARC systems was 
always something that was neglected to get mentioned and not at all obvious. 
Now that more systems are using UNICODE it should be less of a problem, all 
depends on your system and if you still have legacy data.

David Bigwood
Lunar and Planetary Institute

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Hi folks -

What do you include in orientation when you hire a programmer (excellent, 
experienced, of course), who isn't familiar with library-land?  MARC is a 
given, ditto the ILS, plus e-resource management back end (OpenURL parsers, 
proxies and the like).  From those of you who came into libraries for other 
industries:  what do you wish you knew about libraries, library/info science, 
and library operations when you began? I'm especially interested in anything 
which gave you an "ah-ha!" moment when you were working with library data -- 
the implicit things which didn't make sense until you knew why those
crazy librarians did things the way they did.   Also - which resources
were particularly valuable to you as you gained familiarity with your new 

Your insight is deeply appreciated,

Laura J. Smart
Metadata Services Manager, Caltech Library

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