I'll just say my experience with the Confluence WYSIWYG editor hasn't been
great. Now, partly, that might have been the fact that the one page I
tried using it on had been migrated from another wiki, so, to be fair, the
WYSIWYG editor was being presented with a challenge. But, from a user's
POV, I have to say, editing with a WYSIWYG editor on a wiki is like a
prank waiting for a punch line, and you, the well-meaning user, are the
punch line. If you don't want to be embarrassed, I highly recommend going
"advanced mode". :-)

That experience has lead me to approach most WYSIWYG editors with caution.
Don't trust 'em.
HARDY POTTINGER <pottinge...@umsystem.edu>
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On 7/25/12 8:32 AM, "Sean Hannan" <shan...@jhu.edu> wrote:

>As an administrator of a Confluence installation, I have to say that I
>Confluence is fine if you are not going to be touching it or doing any
>of local customizations (hooking it into local auth, etc.). If that's the
>case, you should really be looking at the hosted version.
>I've found that Atlassian is frustrating to deal with for support. I ran
>into a bug in Confluence that has been an open ticket in their issue
>for 6 years. Years. I've found upgrades to be a pain, generally, and
>sometimes Atlassian will be fast and furious with them and it's hard to
>up. And the longer you wait, the more painful the upgrades become.
>I don't deal with the money side of things, but I definitely think that we
>do not get what we pay for with Confluence.
>On 7/25/12 9:05 AM, "Nathan Tallman" <ntall...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> That's what I'm worried about with MediaWiki. The syntax used when
>> and editing pages isn't intuitive and I'm afraid people won't want to
>> it. I was hoping someone would recommend a wiki with more of a WYSIWYG
>> of editing interface. Was also hoping to stick with FLOSS, but perhaps I
>> should at least peak at Confluence.
>> Thanks for the input,
>> Nathan
>> On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 8:50 AM, Nate Vack <njv...@wisc.edu> wrote:
>>> If you're expecting "everyone" to create and edit pages,
>>> it will be very hard to get widespread adoption with it.

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