rubenada commented on a change in pull request #2027:

File path: core/src/main/java/org/apache/calcite/plan/
@@ -234,10 +234,10 @@ private ConversionData getConversionData(RelOptPlanner 
planner) {
       return pathMap;
-    public List<Convention> getShortestPath(
+    public int getShortestDistance(

Review comment:
       IMHO this is not the ideal approach, now we would be re-computing 
everything time something (shortest path) that was previously computed only 
once and returned in O(1).
   If we take a few steps back, I think it is clear that we require both pieces 
of information (shortesPath & distance), to be provided ASAP from 
`FrozenGraph`. Then why not just pre-computing both in `Graphs#makeImmutable` 
and storing both of them in `FrozenGraph`, so that we guarantee that 
`getShortestPath` & `getShortestDistance` are executed in O(1)?
   I think we could keep track of shortestPath and distance in 
`Graphs#makeImmutable`, somehow combining the old approach with the newly 
proposed approach, either keeping two maps:
   Map<Pair<V, V>, List<V>> shortestPaths
   Map<Pair<V, V>, int[]> shortestDistances
   Or a single map with the combination of both as value:
   Map<Pair<V, V>, Pair<List<V>, Integer>> shortestPathsAndDistances
   Then we would pass this information as a parameter for FrozeGraph 
constructor, and we would have shortesPath & distance pre-computed from the 
   I'm not sure if what I say makes sense or it is an overkill. What do you 
guys think?

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